How to change settings of McAfee Antivirus to get Full Access?


Over the UK, there are many people who are working on their system and installed McAfee Antivirus to get the maximum system protection from the harms like adware, virus, and threats. Their choice is correct, as McAfee is the oldest anti-security manufacturer that is only known to everyone for security software.

Usually, people install this properly but the challenges they face is related to its settings which they unable to change. They keep on trying but do not configure and adjust it as per their needs. The correct way to counter this problem is to get in touch with the right technical person at McAfee Contact Number UK.

The technicians are all time ready to help you here to give you the correct assistance in fixing the problems. They will provide you some easy to follow steps which counter the problem in a short while. For the things, you can go through below instruction.

  • Double click on the McAfee Shield or open McAfee from all programs.
  • On the Home screen, click on the Firewall.
  • Click on the Settings then Web and Email Protection.
  • Under the Features select Firewall.
  • Click the Internet “Connections for Programs” button on the Firewall
  • Add or Edit CTI Navigator and CTI Update Manager to Full Access or Full Control.

These are the steps that you should follow top get full control on this antivirus. When you change setting to get full access, then this antivirus works with high proficiency. Still, some way this antivirus doesn’t perform well even after changing the firewall settings. If it happens with you, so in this case, you should talk to the technical experts of a McAfee Support Number UK.

This is because they are the ones who have inherited their knowledge by working in this field for years that’s why they give the accurate solution for any kind of tech issue that you find in the use of this antivirus application.

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