Issues of Norton antivirus and its resolution.

We all need an antivirus to safeguard our systems because computers now do everything. When it comes to getting antivirus, then Norton is found the best one in this segment. It performs in a very proper way to keep the harms that come through the internet on the computer. However, it troubles the users when they use this because of technical issues. There are many technical issues that users deal with on a daily basis. This issue could be numerous and easy to resolve.

  • Slow running issue – It is very common for this antivirus that it works slowly in the system like when you open this, so it takes a bit longer time than other apps. This issue is related background running programs. If you are using many programs at a time, then it can easily make the antivirus slow. You must clear background running application to get it work properly. In case, you get any problem in doing this, then contact the experts at Norton Customer care number UK to get the right help in doing so.
  • Other programs are getting blocked by its firewall – It is the second most commonly faced problem by the users. They notice that at the time of installing a new program or running a program, the antivirus firewall blocks the application. If you are facing the same, then go to settings of this security. Look for Application and Blocking option and open that. You will now see a list of the programs. Do un-checking or checking ion the names of the applications you want to stop or start to work.

Problems are emerging in changing the settings of the firewall, so you need help from the correct technical person. To complete this, you should talk to the technical experts of Norton Contact Number UK. They are the ones who can help appropriately to resolve any tech issue of this antivirus. Share your problem anytime with them, as they are round the clock working to serve you the needed technical assistance in a short while.

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