What are The Causes for Blank Printouts from Lexmark Printer?

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Lexmark is the famous brand in printer devices segment which offers the best printer from laser jet to ink jet. A printer is an essential gadget that has been used everywhere like schools, houses, shops, malls, and particularly in the office. Lexmark has understood this need that’s why it gives in-budget printers which works fast while providing printouts. However, people who are utilizing a printer from this brand find that printer is printing blank pages continuously. At this time, they become unable to figure out its solution or reason which annoys them a lot and make them problematic. There could be so many reasons behind the problem, but the ink cartridge is the most common one that works behinds this.

In this case, either the print cartridge is defective or empty. As usual, when things break, then it does not perform well or appropriately. Open your printer and ensure that ink cartridge has not any breakage or leakage at any side. Also, shack this to ensure it has ink in that. If you find ink in that, so install this in another to check that it is working in that or not. Getting that not work in another printer means it is damaged or defective. Change that or have a new cartridge for your device. After getting the new one, you have to make sure that you are changing that in a right way because a mistake can damage it and make it not to work properly.

For this kind of things, you should talk to the technical experts at Lexmark Printer Support Number UK to get the proper assistance to counter this issue. They will help you in settling the problem in a less time that you need. They are 24 hours ready to serve you necessary support for any kind of technical issues that you face while correctly using a Lexmark printer, so that problem will not occur again.